Monday, June 3, 2013

freckles and his gotcha day celebration.

all photos by maggie

June 9th marks the anniversary of the day we adopted Mr. Freckles.  We had an early celebration last week with a collection of the angels that helped nurse baby Freckles to health after his rescue.  Maggie wrote a lovely blog post about the reunion here.

We spent the evening sharing stories.  They OOOHED and AAAHED over things like his white eyelashes, how much of a big giant blockhead he's become, how silky his coat is and how very MELLOW he is (!!)  They were curled up on the floor with him much of the evening and he was so, so happy.  It was the first party in a year where I didn't stress about the guests and their reaction to Freckles.

I stood in the background just watching, listening and smiling;  a proud mama.

The next day, he had his yearly checkup at the vet.  While listening to his heart, the vet said, "mmmm, a nice, strong athletic heart."  Music to my ears.

In case you missed it:
See the Seattle Animal Shelter video about Freckles here

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dina said...

What a cool idea! What a wonderful buch of people! Happy Gotcha Day, sweet boy. We love you!

*that pic of him in the vet cage? So tiny! #killingmesoftly